IK Asia


We begin our journey amid the pandemic in 2020 under the name Integral, originally co-founded by Peny Rahmadhani, Rizki Amalia Affiat and Fiona Vaz. In 2022, we transformed to Integral Knowledge Asia. As we witnessed the dire impact of the pandemic, we opted to co-create a space to understand various ways people, especially women, strive and thrive through multiple challenges that the crisis has brought. We aim to actively contribute to the praxis of international development that promotes the diverse experiences and knowledge of women. Our aim is to engage in a critical conversation about what international development means for people in the Global South. 

Our findings are disseminated for wider use by experts, practitioners, policy makers, communities, and the general public with a view to influence conversations around gender.

Vision & Mission


We envisioned one world where our global communities can overcome the global South/North inequalities by producing, creating and advocating collaborative research that can contribute to the creation of a more socially just world.


To catalyse the multi-level of global conversation around gender and development aiming at advocating the voices and enhancing solidarity with women and the marginalised communities.