IK Asia

What We Do

Research & Consultancy

Our team collaborates with a wide range of partners to design research projects, perform in-depth studies, draft reports and formulate practical and strategic action learning on diverse issues with a focus on gender. We draw knowledge and seek to develop perspectives on social justice that foreground the distinct experiences of gender and other social identities and bring critical discussion about systems of privileges and oppression. Our research and consultancy range from transformative education, conflict mediation and peacebuilding, religion and social justice, labour and rural urban development, gender transformative communication, and environmental justice.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We help organisations strengthen their accountability with a rigorous and systematic process of learning undertaken to assess, monitor, and evaluate organisational practices and project activities. As we bring attention to gender, we assist gender-focused or non gender-focused programmes which seek to integrate gender perspectives in their monitoring and evaluation process. We document change trajectories and formulate lessons learned to enable the organisations to examine and address gender differences in their ongoing intervention and use that as a basis to steer well-informed decisions for future practices.

Trainings & Workshop

We support capacity building and development of organisations, networks, and communities through an engaging process of facilitation that enhances interactive and reflective learning processes for individual and institutional change. We have conducted training and workshops about gender integration that extend to various practitioners in the field of education, communication, health and research.