IK Asia

Learn - Engage - Transform

Our human stories are shaped by the current phase of unequal global development. We contextualise lessons and bring the voices of women and other disenfranchised communities in the Global South in development discourse. We aim to understand the nuances and layers of social, political, cultural, and economic dimensions of gender dynamics. 


IKA offers a range of services from research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and development 


Our work is informed by feminist, decolonisation, and intersectional lens to highlight the multiple challenges of inequality and injustices.


We contribute to knowledge creation and transformative practices with research report, tools on conceptual practices, and engagement with universities, organisations, government and communities across the globe

Multidisciplinary Team

We are a team of multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners with years of experience working in diverse sectors. We are equipped with strong theoretical backgrounds and on-the-ground perspectives that come from our lived experience in a challenging context.

Activity and Global Engagement

Gender transformative communication workshop for Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES) Asia