IK Asia


Foregrounding feminist practices

Our organisational practice is rooted from feminist principles marked by the vision of an egalitarian and empowering community of learners. We acknowledge the importance of participatory and collaborative engagement with multi-level actors emphasising mutual respect, non hierarchical relationship, and care values as our ethical practices.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Praxis

We collaborate with diverse researchers and practitioners of relevant expertise and specialities. Our multidisciplinary perspectives create transformational ideas, programs, and activities that encourage solidarity and partnership. We use mixed methods to provide evidence-based research with insightful contextualisation.

Collectively Raising Critical Consciousness

Our work stems from co-learning the critical consciousness across different communities. We listen to people and learn through multiple lenses in analysing gender and its configuration in the complex web of power structure. Our approach includes explicit commitment to resist and deliberately problematizes various constructs that function to marginalise individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, race, class, and sexuality.

Enabling Transformative Learning

We believe that intellectual inquiry has a responsibility to society. Thus, we build the links to social action using strategies such as consultation to service-learning, action research, and other methods of community-based learning. We bring to attention the voices and lived experience of women to support them and other disenfranchised communities as agents of their own negotiation, resistance and liberation.